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Style: One Stop Shop [E A S T]

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Here at Mended Threads East, our goal is to style each piece differently and inspire our followers while doing so. Each product is photographed to exemplify and highlight the versatility of Mended Threads East. Have you been liking our new look? Now, you can make it yours!

As we are expanding to include an online boutique atmosphere, you are now able to shop for fully styled looks. Due to our hand-reconstructed flannels being one-of-a-kind, once one sells, they are gone for good. By incorporating accessories that we style with our products, you can use us as a one stop shop to get the entire look. Now, if the shirt that you wanted sells out, you have the option to effortlessly recreate the look on your own with the same styled pieces!

We also introduced a new feature with our products that will help you find exactly what you are looking for on Mended Threads East: The Suggest Bar. Once you click on a product, you are able to scroll all the way down and view other pieces that have similarities to the product that you are viewing! Have you tried it out yet? Let us know what you think!

 Magritte Flannel paired with our Raebur Vest

Calder Duster paired with our Tevin Wide Band Choker

raedi Flannel paired with our Mustard Elota Chunky Knit Scarf

Coming Soon: Video Lookbook that features full-outfit details of our Newest Arrivals! 


Shannon Oteri


Style: Fall-iday Fashion [E A S T]

Photography, StylingShannon Oteri

What's crisp and cozy and fireside toasty? The Falli-days! That time of the year where you get to dust off your favorite boots and bundle yourself up in a sweater (or two). Here at the University of Delaware, the leaves are starting to turn fifty shades of Fall and we just cannot get enough of it! Keep on reading to pick up some Mended Threads East approved sweater-weather layering looks.  

Open Knit Cardigans: As the weather continues to transition into full-swing Fall, the midday temperatures often become significantly warmer than the mornings and evenings. On days like this, when you have to leave for class or work early in the morning, our style tip is to wear an open knit cardigan. Cardigans are one of the most versatile articles of clothing available for purchase because they can easily be removed and tossed into a backpack or purse for later use. 

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 7.07.58 PM.png

Turtleneck Sweaters: Although most turtlenecks fell as though someone very weak is strangling you, it is undeniable that a turtleneck will bring ultimate warmth. Paired with hairstyles like a high ponytail or messy bun and a pair of statement earrings, turtleneck sweaters create a chic, effortless look. Layer a Mended Threads East Flannel over a turtleneck for a stylishly rugged appearance. 

Pull Over Sweaters: Ah, the Pull Over Sweater, one of the most classic sweaters in the book. Adding a Pull Over Sweater to your Fall-iday look will completely transform your outfit in seconds. Regardless of the knit, the color, or whatever Mended Threads East item you decide to layer it with, you will never be accused as an outfit repeater! Here are two examples of looks that prove our point. 

Whichever way you bundle yourself up this Fall-iday Season, be sure to snap a photo and share it with us on Instagram by tagging us and including #MendedThreadsEast in your caption! Until next time, follow our new @MendedThreadsEast Instagram account to catch a glimpse of the East Coast Lifestyle and check back on our Photoshoots Blog for more behind-the-scenes and fun posts! 


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Style: Autumn in the East [E A S T]

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As the day air begins to feel more crisp and the leaves turn to gold, Autumn is just getting started here at the University of Delaware. This means the beginning of football games under the lights, eating a few too many apple cider donuts and going on hay rides with friends. Start dusting off your favorite Fall accessories, ladies and gents, because that time of the year is finally here! 

Welcome to our Mended Threads Photoshoot Blog! My name is Shannon Oteri and I am the creator of Mended Threads East. I am a Fashion Merchandising major here at UD and because I love fashion styling and photography, I figured this would be a perfect place to inspire others to dress outside of the box! Here at Mended Threads, our Fall uniform is hands down flannels; however, we know that sometimes it can get a bit repetitive. If you are interested in picking up some simple styling tips, keep on reading!

The Vest: a classic campus staple. This cozy, navy vest pairs perfectly with our Vinatta Flannel Dress and creates an overall effortlessly put-together look. When the weather gets chillier, layer this dress with a pair of tights or leggings to stay warm. Although this outfit consists of only a few staple pieces, it is a fashionable and foolproof Fall Outfit that takes only seconds to put on! 

Vintage Layers: This tousled, vintage inspired look is comfortable, casual and makes a sound statement. Our Greil Flannel looks adorable buttoned up with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans. The hand painted bleached details of the top compliment the fraying of the jeans. What ties the look together, however, is this ivory, vintage-esque cable knit sweater. Slip on a pair of heeled booties and a statement necklace to complete this school girl chic outfit!

Here in Delaware, the mornings are frigid but as the day progresses and the sun comes out, the weather definitely warms up. In this case, draping the thicker knit sweater over your shoulders will execute the vintage vibes without causing a heat stroke. 

Until next time, make sure you keep checking our Mended Threads Photoshoot Blog to get behind-the-scene glimpses from the shoots, to meet the creators and our Mended Models, and read about what trends and styles influence Mended Threads [EAST]! 



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Mended Model [WEST]

mended threads

Meet Bri, my beautiful roommate at the University of San Diego! Today we ventured just twenty minutes off our campus and found ourselves at this breath taking graffitied waterfall! Styled in Top Shop overalls, a Top Shop mesh crop top, and her go to white high top Converse, Bri is on top of the world. The colors of the graffiti over the natural scenery contrasts with our flannel prints and the outcome is simply magical. Keep up with us as we continue to bop around southern California looking for adventure. 

Mended Model [E A S T]

Models, Photography, StylingShannon Oteri

This Fall, Mended Threads East has been modeled by my ever-so-talented and beautiful roommate Jeordyn Cassidy (@jeordyncassidy) at the University of Delaware in Newark, DE. Each shirt is specifically styled by Shannon to portray various fashion styles and trends to inspire our Mended followers. Here are a few photos from our first shoot this Fall! Make sure to follow Jeordyn on Instagram, she's the best!